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Earth and Space

A Driving Force in Satellites

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With our extensive aerospace experience, ExoTerra can create the right electric propulsion solution for your spacecraft needs.

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ExoTerra offers complete propulsion solutions including miniature Hall-effect Thrusters, power processing units, and flow control systems for high impulse, affordable microsatellite, and CubeSat propulsion.

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ExoTerra's Courier is an end-to-end power and propulsion solution for Cubesats, delivering >1200 m/s dV, 300W, and 2U of payload in a 12U form factor.

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ExoTerra's Power Systems include radiation-tolerant, lightweight, high-efficiency power processing and distribution units designed for Solar Electric Propulsion systems.


Our Founder & Investors

Michael VanWoerkom

Mr. Michael VanWoerkom founded ExoTerra in 2011. Since then, he has grown ExoTerra to win dozens of NASA, Air Force, and commercial contracts related to solar electric propulsion and in-situ resource utilization.

All Trails Capital, LLP

Space Industry and Economy Venture Capital Fund.

Chasing Value Asset Management, Inc

A private equity investment company with a broad portfolio that includes early stage technology companies, real estate, and the private account management of qualified clients.

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