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ExoTerra's Courier is a 12U solar electric propulsion module offering up to 1270 m/s and 2U of payload capacity in a 12U CubeSat. It uses the Halo electric propulsion system, known for its compact size and low weight, and is powered by ExoTerra's Fold Out Solar Arrays (FOSA), which generate 296 W and are mounted on a single-axis gimbal for increased power. The 100 kRad radiation-tolerant Electric Power System efficiently bridges power and propulsion, delivering reliable power to spacecraft components.
The Courier provides 2U of payload space for customers, with extra power available for high-power instruments and communications equipment when the Halo thruster is not in operation, enabling advanced applications not possible with other CubeSat buses.

Download the Courier Spec Sheet

Courier 4000

ExoTerra’s Courier 4000 is a high-impulse solar electric propulsion module that enables microsatellite transfers from LEO to GEO, cislunar, and interplanetary destinations, using a dedicated small launch vehicle.

Courier 4000 offers a ∆V of 6000-11,000+ m/s, allowing mission orbit optimization, inclination adjustments, orbit altitude raises, and safe deorbiting at end of life. Its high specific power solar arrays provide up to 1500 W to the payload when the thruster is inactive, enhancing payload performance and telecommunications. The module's 100 kRad electronics ensure extended mission lifetime and reliability.

A bus module can be added to transform the stage into a full spacecraft bus for GEO or interplanetary missions, improving telecommunications, command and control, and GN&C capabilities. Contact ExoTerra for details.

Courier XL Glamour Shot_edited.png

Download the Courier 4000 Spec Sheet

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