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Systems Engineering

ExoTerra's systems engineers possess a broad array of skills and experience with spacecraft - from CubeSats, to commercial satellites like A2100, to interplanetary missions such as Osiris Rex and Mars Exploration Rover, to manned systems such as Orion, Dream Chaser, and Space Shuttle. Our primary expertise is with integrated propulsion systems.

Mechanical Engineering

ExoTerra's mechanical engineering team has experience with flight spacecraft such as Genesis, Mars Exploration Rover, OSIRIS-REx, and A2100. We have expertise in space structures (including composites), mechanisms design, and reentry systems. Our analysis team has proficiency in dynamic, stress, and thermal analyses. 

Electrical Engineering

Our electrical engineering team has experience in solar array design and radiation-tolerant power distribution systems. We have worked on a wide range of power systems from CubeSat class to asteroid redirect mission scale.

We’re Here to Help


Whether you have a difficult engineering problem to solve or require a specialized skill for a particular task, ExoTerra has the aerospace industry experience to assist you with your engineering needs. Contact us to learn more about what we can do for you.

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