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Complete Propulsion Solutions

ExoTerra's Iris Propulsion Module is a bolt-on Halo propulsion system providing high total impulse in an affordable, easy-to-integrate package. 


Halo Thrusters & Supporting Components

ExoTerra offers miniaturized Hall-effect thrusters (Halo and Halo 12) and compatible xenon and krypton distribution systems for affordable high-impulse propulsion for microsatellites and CubeSats.

Courier SEP Buses

ExoTerra's Courier is an end-to-end power and propulsion solution, delivering >1200 m/s DV, 300W, and 2U of payload in a 12U CubeSat form factor. ExoTerra's Courier 4000 is a complete power and propulsion solution built around our larger Halo 12 thruster. 

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