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ExoTerra was founded in 2011 with a vision of reducing the cost of space exploration. We pursue this goal by developing affordable technologies that minimize spacecraft mass, including high-efficiency propulsion, miniaturization, in-situ resource utilization, and reusable infrastructure. Our products continue to be enhanced and can be tailored to fit your companies individual needs.

Xenon Hot Fire of Halo thruster


ExoTerra offers miniaturized Hall-effect thrusters (Halo and Halo XL) and compatible xenon and krypton distribution systems for affordable high-impulse propulsion for microsatellites and CubeSats.


ExoTerra's Courier is an end-to-end power and propulsion solution, delivering >1200 m/s DV, 300W, and 2U of payload in a 12U CubeSat form factor. ExoTerra's Courier 4000 is a complete power and propulsion solution built around our larger Halo 12 thruster. 

Courier XL


ExoTerra's Power Systems offer radiation-tolerant, lightweight, high-effiency power processing and distribution designed for solar electric propulsion.


ExoTerra's Iris Propulsion Module is a bolt-on Halo propulsion system providing high total impulse in an affordable, easy-to-integrate package. 

Xenon Flow Control


ExoTerra's propellant flow control system delivers precisely-throttleable xenon or krypton feeds to our Halo thrusters. 


Coming Soon

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