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Solar Electric Propulsion Modules and Buses

ExoTerra's Courier offers an end-to-end power and propulsion solution for CubeSats capable of delivering >1000 m/s delta-V and 300 W in a 12U form factor. If you are interested in our solar electric propulsion modules and buses or have questions, please contact us for more information.


ExoTerra’s Courier is a 12U solar electric propulsion module delivering up to 1270 m/s and 2U of payload in a 12U CubeSat. Courier is based on ExoTerra’s Halo electric propulsion system, which has inherently low size and weight suitable for CubeSats. Courier and the Halo EP system are powered by ExoTerra’s high-specific-power Fold Out Solar Arrays (FOSA). These arrays generate 296 W at BOL and mount to a single-axis gimbal to increase the orbit average power. Our unique 100 kRad radiation-tolerant Electric Power System bridges the power and propulsion with a lightweight and high-efficiency power distribution and processing unit. The system operates the Halo thruster and efficiently and reliably delivers power to components throughout the spacecraft.

2U of the 12U CubeSat is available for customer payloads. While the Halo thruster is not in operation, the extra power is available to drive high-power instruments and communications equipment, enabling applications not possible with other CubeSat buses.


Download the Courier Spec Sheet

Coming soon: the Courier 4000 Spec Sheet

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